Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good Finds

MauricesToday in between basketball games and Pampered Chef parties I did a little shopping::
These are officially my first pair of JEGGINGS!  They really do look 
just like jeans except feel SO much better.  I may wear them to the 
games tomorrow. I bought these at Maurice's.
I bought these 4 items  at Maurice'sbecause they were $4.99 each !!!
 Yes, you heard me right less than $5.00 on sale !
Ladybug Landing Location
Lady Bug Landing Consignment store is one of my favorite places to find boutique
 items that have been gently used.  Today I found a few things for Chloe there.
So excited about a few of my finds today at Lady Bug Landing.  The first was this pink gingham top and pant set with a smocking of poodles on the top.  I especially like the cuffs on the pants.  The next was the blue and white one piece, it will look just darling with Chloe's beautiful blue eyes.  The bathing suite was cute and she will need plenty for the summer-I plan to stay either at my sister's pool or the neighborhood pool ALL summer long (that is if we have a summer)!  Finally, my favorite purchase is the Easter outfit with the green and white gingham.  The ribbons are pink and white polka-dots which are so adorable.  I bought all these items and a little pair of denim shorts all for under $90.00.
This is a picture of what the store looks like on the inside and it even has a play-room in the back.  If you are looking for $5.00 items then this is not the consignment for you but if you are looking for boutique clothing for a reduced price then you will love Lady Bug Landing ===I do :-)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fazoli's New Under 400 Calorie dishes

Fazoli’s has joined the low-calorie fray with a limited-time line of pasta dishes, each with 400 calories or fewer.The quick-service chain's four “Mini Bakes” are three-cheese baked ravioli; tortellini with bacon; mushroom and chicken Alfredo; and penne Tuscano. Each one is $3.99. They are priced at $3.99 each and will be offered until Feb. 20.

Tonight  my son and I left school at 6:00 (yes, I stayed late to organize my files).  Before we went to pick up Ms. Chloe we dieided to grab a bite to eat due to the time and that we were both starving!   He chose Chick-Fil-A which sounded great and I was going to have the 8 piece nuggets for 260 calories.  To our dismay the line was too long so his next choice was Fazoli's!  Usually there is not a variety of low calorie en-tree's to choose from so I was a bit concerned (trying really hard to stay within my calories for the day).  Tonight I chose the limited-time offer  400 calorie meal.  It was VERY small and even though It was tasty, i felt like I would have gotten more out of a freezer dinner. Just an FYI
However, I am glad to see that they have jumped on the band-wagon and offering healthier selections :-) 

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Teacher Talk Thursdays

Today is Teacher Talk Thursdays and the subject Mrs. Snyder begins with is ORGANIZATION.  I have to say I am a little embarrassed because this is not my strong point ! I am glad that other teachers are willing to share their secrets.  I do have a few things that I want to share that has worked well for me.  At the beginning of the year I try to organize student information in a take-home folder that parents can fill out the night of parent orientation or  take home and return the first day of school. Keeping it all together in this folder makes it very simple for me to have each student's information on file.
Student information folder with a goodie bag of back-to -school
items for the students

Another thing I LOVE this year is I went away from SPIRAL notebooks!  I loathe them.  My students now carry journals to each classroom to take notes in and they can keep all their important information organized and in one place without having the worry of pages falling out.  I am so glad to be rid of those sweater-catching, paper losing notehooks I mean note-Books!
Student using his notebook to record skittle data.

We did a "Me Museum" at the beginning of the year and the students
organized their personal favorites on black construction paper.  It was a
nice touch to help display their collections.

I am having trouble tonight downloading a few of my other favorites so until next time........


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's for Lunch??

Old El PasoWas not sure what to have for lunch today. After looking in my pantry
and finding what I really needed was to go to the grocery store I decided to stay home and pull something together.  I had a can of enchilada sauce, refried beans (fat free), my favorite X-treme Wellness soft tortillas and a little chili sauce left over from my hot-dog day.  It was a hearty little lunch and I ate two with a total calorie intake of 300 calories:-) Meanwhile, I fed Christian and Jaxon corn-dogs (250 calories each) (their usual pick on  snow days), Jillian (my niece) ate the 500 calorie  three-minute microwave pizza from Krogers Kroger, and my daughter ate spaghetti from a can!!  I am starting to feel a little guilty for all the high fat food I just fed them.  Here are my excuses:  It's quick, my niece and nephew are very picky , Christian typically eats healthy so an occasional non-vegetable lunch will not kill him, Jillian did eat the supreme which included vegetables, and spaghetti from a can just genuinely makes my daughter happy.  So there...    OK, next snow day I will be offering more vegetables in the mix!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Went to a Zumba class tonight at the gym.  Actually, I did not go by my free will but my sister dragged me.  Don't get me wrong I like it, it is fun and you burn lots of calories (and I did eat that extra yeast roll for dinner) but I feel like a complete idiot.  My body had a difficult time moving provocatively in front of strangers  I think I embarrassed my sister just a little when I would add my own little twist to the routine ( I only did this when I could not follow the instructor).  By the way,  our (I can't call him ours yet) the instructor is this little rock solid twenty-something guy that is very entertaining to watch!  He works the audience to say the least!!  I will probably go back but hope that I can get there early for the back row--it fills up quick!!  The video above is a YouTube video on Zumba for those that had never heard of it--our class was way hotter :-)

Blaming it on Decaf

Keurig Elite  Single-Cup Brewer B40 + 24 Free K-Cups   We actually went to school today!  I waited for the little chime from my phone that the local news station sends me if our school district has cancelled.  No chime this morning!  I woke up and remembered my husband was on a business trip in W. VA.  What this means is that  Christian and I are not getting breakfast made for us and that I will have to transport my daughter to her MeeMaw's today.  I went through my usual morning routine of restroom, weighing in, and then showering.  This morning I was disappointed that I had gained about four tenths of a pound back -that is a whole other story! .  After showering and getting Christian up I proceeded to the kitchen to make my morning cup of coffee.  Today, I decided I would have decaf  and avoid caffeine for the day.  I press my little buttons and begin to gather my lunch for the day when I realize I have placed no cup under the coffee dispenser so therefor had a big mess to clean.  
          The kids and I running late, I rush them out to the warm van (started it earlier) and before I get in the van myself I realize I have forgotten my breakfast ( an English Muffin) in the toaster.  As I run through the garage I trip. I try to catch myself on the door  into the kitchen, when only to my dismay I find that I left the door ajar and slide into the kitchen.  I stay in this runner's starting position for about thirty seconds before I can gather myself, stop laughing, and grab my muffin, slap a dab of PB on it and run out the door.  
I think I set myself up for failure on the first day back to work by deciding to go de-caf!  
I will be having my caffeine tomorrow :-).  

Monday, January 24, 2011

Weighing In -Round 2

I am now officially down 12.4lbs.  I have found that if I stay at or under my calorie
in-take for the day then I typically lose weight.
I have now been on a diet  been working on
getting fit and making healthy choices for
about eight weeks.  Yes, I know some of you are 
thinking I should be down 16 lbs. if I am 
losing 2lbs. a week but I did go through
Christmas Eve, Christmas dinner, 
Christmas left-overs, and finally topped it
Lose It! icon
Lose It app for my I-Phone
off with a calorie filled New Years Eve 
(starting out with lunch at Olive Garden).
Ok-so I am not perfect and I have had a few

Dinner: Stuffed Peppers with white beans and chicken with a
side of steamed broccoli.
I ate only half of this chicken
pizza on an English Muffin (snack)
My son helping me prepare
our grapes for a ready-made snack.
drawbacks but I have been back on track since then.  The Lose It app is my best friend and is like having a personal trainer-I love it.   Here are a few of the things that I am eating right now.

One of my favorite snacks (if I have extra
calories to spend)
This is what it looks like when I log my food.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

One Amazing Boy!

 Dear Christian,

Defensive Dynamo 

Holiday World
Talent show as Bob Marley
        I am so proud of who and what you have become.  You are my first born, the one that went through all the FIRSTS of child rearing.  You were a little blessing.  Yes we let you sleep in our bed from day one (which was such a no no that years (years and years) later we found out-but I would not change a thing and neither would your father. Those moments reading to you in bed, the sweet cuddles, watching you sleep and breath -you were our baby, our son, our everything and we felt so blessed that God made you ours.

Loved our costumes :-)

Being studious at school

First speaking role in a play:-)
First week long camp!! Try to forget that I
checked in on you the third day:-(

I love you!
This has been an incredible journey.  I have not only been your mother but your fourth grade teacher as well.  YOU are beautiful inside and out.  It feels like yesterday  that we were on the couch watching Blues Clues together eating your favorite breakfast of cinnamon toast with apple juice.  I loved dressing you in knee high white socks with your polished Howard Curry name plated shoes.  I would lace up those shoe strings only to find myself stuffing them inside of the little bell that secured them on top.  You were and still are my baby (I don't think this will ever change).  I have so much love for you and only want to push you to be your best.  You are now 10 years old and I love that you still hug, kiss, and cuddle with your daddy and I.  I will be sad the day this will end.  Your smile makes my heart sing and your laughter gives me complete joy.  You will one day understand this unconditional love when you have your first child. I just want you to know that I love you with all my heart and soul.
Edible flower science lesson

Animal Kingdom
Pipa Performance in front of 1,500 people!
Montessori at age 5 with Mrs. Gretta
Winning first place in sparring-you were amazing!
Down at the beach house in your favorite chair.  Love the no teeth look!
Florida, just the three of us!
At the Horse Park.
Enjoying a summer day with Jillian, Jaxon, and Lacy (look how small Lacy was).
Becoming a Big Brother! You did great in the delivery room-so glad we made that choice!
Your daddy did a great job on your Alice in Wonderland costume!  First Play!
Always a great eater!  Your favorite-Oyster Rockefeller
Best BUDS!  
Yes, I use to dress us alike quiet a bit!  We actually went shopping that day and I was so proud!
Fun times- vacationing with  MeeMaw, PeePaw, and your cousins.
We love you !
Best football team ever!!!
Day at the Pier-one of my favorite places to be