Sunday, November 25, 2012

Uncorked - 2nd Annual

Last year Michael had been out of the country for a week.  He flew into Miami as the last leg of his trip.  We decided that I would fly down and meet him in Clearwater for a nice relaxing couples weekend.  While we were there we happened upon an event on the beach--UNCORKED!  For $50 dollars a person, you would attend a wine event under big white tents ON THE BEACH.   The very best restaurants served up some of their favorite entrees, desserts, and drinks.  So for 4 hours we ate, drank, and enjoyed the wonderful scenery! 
When we found out that this would be an annual event we started making plans for this years event.  We asked if Rhonda and Logan wanted to join us in our weekend event in November and so the four of us boarded a flight and headed south!  What a great weekend!
Inflatable couches---nothing better under the sun:-)

Rhonda and I waiting for Crabby Bill's to open for brunch.

Stomping grapes-this year's grapes were green. 
Last year I made a t-shirt with purple foot prints.

Rolling the green paint on my feet to make the shirt.

First in line! We have our wine glasses and we are ready!

Rhonda and Logan enjoying thier day.

Post Corner's Pizza was our first stop for eating
when we got into Clearwater on Friday.

The tent that housed all the vendors.

Michael having a cigar hand rolled for him.

His dream car--A Bentley

Talking a little buisness.

Doing what I do best.....Sampling

Talking about the tasty Sangrias from The Oyster Catcher restaurant/s vendor ( from Tampa).

What a fun time! 

Halloween 2012

We have been going to the Horse Park Campgrounds now for about three years for their Halloween festivities.  I think we have stayed in a different camper each year.  We go on the haunted trail, trick or treat camper to camper, participate in the pumpkin rolling contests and the list goes on and on.  It is great fun for the kids so even though it is a lot of work to get everything together, it is definitely worth the effort for all those cute smiles and belly laughter we hear while we are there.
This year on our Halloween adventure, Michael was in Australia so it was me and the kids.  Rhonda and her crew also joined us.  Dad had put up another camper on another site just for her and her family so it was nice to have ALMOST everyone there this year.

Christian and his friends entered the Halloween Costume Contest and took first, second, and third place---how odd is that!  Chloe decided to sit in the bleachers and watch with me.  Besides ,someone was already sporting her strawberry look AND I didn't want Chloe to take her thunder--Chloe was the best strawberry that night and we did not need a medal to prove it::-)

Our Halloween adventure starts the weekend before Halloween and then on Halloween we join others in our neigborhood trick or treating.  I always cook chili or spaghetti for anyone who stop in after for a quick meal.  We then head downtown for the Thriller dance on Main Street--Love that they shut down an entire street so Zombies can dance :-)

Horse Park Trick or Treat.

Jillian, Jaxon, and Laurel looking quiet grand.

Suited up and ready for  some CANDY. Christian, Peyton, Michael, Berk,
Malachi, Emily Sue, and last but not least Chloe Beth.

Dad and I passing our candy on Halloween night.

At Garth's Halloween Carnival-with the spooky story teller (Shoup)

Chloe at dance class dressed in her Strawberry Costume-What a Cutie!

Chloe did not like the zombies this year!

The boys down-town after the Thriller Dance!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Sister Sensational Fall Break

Rhonda and I had decided to load up the kids and head down south for our fall break.  This was my first time to drive to Florida so I was a little hesitant.  We decided to break it up the first night by stopping in Atlanta for the night.  The next day felt like an eternity to get there but we finally arrived and had a great time.  I did most of the driving ( if you have driven with my sister you would understand why I did most of the driving----no offence Rhonda).  Here are a few pics from our trip.

Road Trip----Are we there yet?

First night at Pier 60- Chloe gets a flower balloon.

At the Largo park.  We made a few trips around this park while we TRIED
to walk off the food we ate while we were there.

My handsome son.

Love Love Love these two kiddos.

Getting everything loaded back up after staying in Atlanta.

Day at the Beach

Jaxon and Jillian adding their dollar to the
wall of fame at PJ's Restaurant.

Post Corner's Pizza

Chloe dug for hours:-)  Love her determination!

Christian lost this game--he took it better than I thought:)

At Meemaw's "Beach House"

Took turns burying each other in the sand.

Photos at the Largo Park

Rhonda, Jaxon, and Jillian

We had a great fall break.  The water was warm and the weather was perfect.  I don't know if I could do the drive again but give me a year to think about it:-)


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas........
Well, if you know me at all you know I have no secrets! But also if you know me at all I typically have nothing I could not share so.......


Michael was excited to go to work for a long weekend in October because he was told he could take his wife.....YEAH for me!  I had never been to Vegas and was quiet excited to see what all the fuss was about.
I will admit though we never made it past 12:00 ( midnight) before heading back to our room for lights out ( see I told you nothing exciting). However, I had a great time!  We ate dinner each night with different clients of the company.  It was nice to get to meet so many people--I thought at first I would have a hard time dining with people I did not know but talking comes pretty easy to me and the people were very down to earth and very friendly.

My daily routine consisted of eating breakfast downstairs in a booth beside David Spade ( well only one morning with the famous David Spade).  Next Michael would head off to work while I headed straight to the pool to read my book in the most ultimate form of relaxation.  I would treat myself to  one margarita each day at the pool ( they were $16 a piece, so one was plenty).  I would come in and take a short nap while watching tv and then begin getting ready for our night life.  Night life consisted of playing a few games of Black Jack for Michael and for me trying the slot machines for the first time--I was a true rookie.  Finally we would finish up with dinner and a couple of the nights we went to watch a couple of the shows.

One day instead of going to the pool, I went shopping.  Luches were on my own but appreciated just the same.  It sure beat being back at school trying to eat lunch in about 15 minutes before picking up students from the cafeteria.

I was definitely spoiled-- picked up by limos, given nice little gifts, and having only one thing to worry about--- getting dressed up and out the door for our dinner dates ON TIME.

Michael gathering our luggage at the hotel- The Pallazo

Our hotel was directly connected to The Venetian.  Love their ceilings.

My daily ritual--pool time while Michael worked:-(

Loved our room!  I could have stayed there 24-7
and been perfectly content!

I think the maid service had to replace the
peanut M &M's twice while we were there.

Our night out at Delmonico's Steak House and The Peep Show Las Vegas.

Best Steak EVER........

Loved the bathroom--tv, telephone.....anything you needed.

My make-up table while we were there.

Our hotel.

A little gambling and also a trip to Picasso's for our 4-course dinner.

BIg night out at Margarittaville---Company rented out the entire restaurant/bar.  Views from the rooftop
were amazing.  This picture is at about 11:30 where Michael and I went to an Italian restaurant
at the Venetian for a night cap before heading to bed.

We did not get a chance to see David's show but we did eat
breakfast at the table behind him.

This steak house had the best bone in ribeye.

Always a nice time with my favorite person in the world---my husband, my bestest estest... friend!

What a great time!  No weird or scary stories but a nice romantic time with a great guy:-)