Friday, November 23, 2012

Long Overdue...Summer of 2012

I love to blog, for one reason it gives me a visual and written time line of our life.  I just told Michael that I find it sad that I have already forgotten what Christian was like at Chloe's age.  Time goes so fast and the memories are all we seem to have at the end of the day.  Blogging is a nice way to look back and SMILE.
We are so blessed....I feel like I need to say it again BLESSED!!  Michael has always done well in his career but due to his loyalty and passion within one company for years I think he passed up other good opportunities UNTIL now.  Michael has received a couple of promotions at his new job within the last two years---he took a lower level job to get in the door and it paid off in the long or in this case short term.  I am so proud of who he is as a person.  I have always thought he was a great husband, wonderful father, and the most positive person I have ever met-but I have to admit I love watching him reach some of the goals he has set for himself ( that we once thought would be unattainable).  I wish I could bottle up this piece of our life and put it away and pull it out years from now (just like a nice bottle of wine) and drink it up if we may ever need it.  Life is good and my family is the most wonderful gift a girl could ever be given.  So enough of that... here is a peek into our summer break.  Of course a couple of the weeks were without Michael ( someone has to pay for our vacation:-) LOL)

Mini vacation at the Horse Park.  We camped out next to
 the Watts' while Michael was in Germany.

Michael, the kids, and I  went with Rhonda, Logan, Jillian, Jaxon,
Mom, and Dad to Holiday World's water park.

Our campsite was beside the ballcourts. 
Chloe and Emily Sue had a blast.

Chloe learning how to fish.

I took the kids our for a bike adventure on the bike path.

Michael and the kids waiting in line at Disney World's "It's A Small World".

Here is a picture of the kids with Meemaw and Peepaw.  We stayed with
them for our first week in Florida.  We were eating at Salt Rock.  Christian had his favorite -the Crab Legs!!

Chloe on my shoulders during the light parade at Disney.

Our second week in Florida, Michael joined us and we
stayed at The Resort at Little Harbor.  It was nice but Michael insisted on driving back to
our favorite beach one hour away ( old habits are hard to break).

Christian trying a few hats on at one of the Disney stores.

At the Resort in Little Harbor.

This was a heated pool----too hot for me, but the kids loved it! 

Michael and Christian at our all time favorite Post Corner's Pizza on the beach.

Chloe drinking up the non-alcoholic pinacolada at Crabby Bills.

We had a great summer!  Camping, Holiday World's Water Park, Disney's Magic Kingdom, and a nice relaxin time at the beach.  I hope to never forget these moments that I spend with my family.  We were all healthy and happy.  You never know what life has in store so SOAK up every beautiful moment that you can.


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