Friday, July 6, 2012

April 13th..Chloe's Birthday Blog

 Happy Birthday to our little princess!!  What a crazy week-but we pulled it off.  During this week we had our exchange student from Hong Kong visit, my Teacher of The Year ceremony,  a tour of the Horse Park, and a Pipa Performance.  So needless to say at midnight we were blowing up balloons. The bounce house was a huge success as well as the snow cone machine (the snow cone machine was a hit hours after the party was over).  Thankfully Chloe eventually came down from all the suger she had consumed during the day.  We had cupcakes,cotton candy, sugar straws, Hershey Kisses, and the list goes on.  The adults enjoyed hamburgers, hotdogs (with slaw), baked beans, and mac and cheese. It was a beautiful but windy day.  Chloe was blessed to have so many turn out for her party.  She is amazing and a wonderful blessing. 

Cupcakes had butterflies and flowers-it went with the wing theme:-)

Bicycle from MeeMaw and PeePaw.

Enjoying her birthday table.
A little family photo of the Garrett side of the family.

Chloe Beth and Company...

Rhonda and Logan

Bounce House Fun

 Thanks to all the friends and family that came out to celebrate one pretty unique little girl:-)