Monday, February 28, 2011

Tornado to Turkey Burgers-What a Day!!

My wake-up call came a few minutes earlier today with the sound of a SIREN.  We had a tornado warning that would last until 5:45.  SO....on the morning that Michael is enjoying the nice warm weather that Florida has to offer I am waking up to rain, wind, and very sleepy kids being held hostage in the small space of our closet.  The tornado passed and we went on with getting ourselves ready and OF COURSE I was running late and arrived at school with three of my students standing patiently waiting for me to open the door to our classroom.
What a yucky stormy day!  My students did not seem at all interested in learning more about division strategies today and this  was the first time all year that I had a student lay his head on the desk to SLEEP.  Now that I think back maybe I should have just joined him:-) Hoping for a better day at school tomorrow.

I am back on track as far as my eating and I stayed away from the Shortbread cookies that came my way today from another DARN girl scout order.
Michael may be eating at the best restaurants that Downtown Disney has to offer tonight BUT...we did not do too bad ourselves.
Christian eating his asparagus.

I steamed our turkey burgers and asparagus-oh yeah the cheese is fat free and only 25 calories.

Dinner is served......Turkey burger with baby spinach leaves, cheese, light mayo, tomato, and mustard on a whole wheat bun.  Served with asparagus and a few slices of a sweet potato that I baked and split three ways.  I sprinkled light brown sugar over top with a little spray butter and cinnamon.  Very tasty:-)

Chloe enjoying her asparagus, mashed sweet potato and a few blueberries.  

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Green Cookie Monsters

I met my goal of exercising each morning before getting ready for work this week.  I went all five days working out to Jillian Michael's six week abs and even went as far as doing the P90X plyo workout on Sat. morning.  The biggest challenge was that Michael had to leave super early one morning due to a big presentation he had going on that day, so therefore I would be getting both kids ready and delivering one to Meemaw's before heading to work myself.  So  in order for me to meet my goal of exercise I had to get up at 4:30 instead of my typical 5:00 wake up time.  This gave me the extra time to work out to the DVD and get the kids and myself showered, fed, and out the door by 6:45.

One goal I did poorly with this week is a few of my food choices were bad! I did not stay away from COOKIES.  I bought two boxes of chocolate chip cookies at Sam's Club (for the kids of course) and ended up sneaking one or two a night. When I finally swore cookies off for good on Thursday, four of my students came in on Friday with Girl Scout cookies that I had purchased about three weeks earlier.  The COOKIES are out to get me this week.

This week Michael is going to Disney to stay on site where he will be involved in several business meetings.  Why teachers don't have these perks I will never understand. I will have to keep myself on track while he is away.  That means getting up extra early and taking Christian to ballgames all day on Sunday.   My new goal this week is to stay away from the box  boxes of cookies that I purchased and continue with my exercise (even if I have to get up early) and make healthy choices.  SO watch out for those little green uniforms and sweet little smiles because the  calories gifts they bring pack a mean punch:-)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Getting through the WEEK.

  After my great Valentine weekend it was difficult to get back on track this week.  As far as weight I fluctuated between two pounds and in the end I lost the battle of the bulge and kept the 2lbs.  I hate making excuses, but between my wonderful weekend and all the left over Valentine party candy and cookies I just had no CONTROL ( did I mention cookies are my weakness, if I have a cold glass of milk in front of me).
That is me and a friend.  I am the one on the right with my new bangs:-)
Another happening this week is that I had a hair appointment -thank goodness due to my impulse decision to create a bang --starting  too far back on my head (so my hairdresser says)!  She managed to blend my hair to where the BANG is not as dramatic.

My sister and niece are helping me cook up something healthy.  
Last week before my "bad for me food weekend" I was eating very healthy.  One night my sister and her kids came over and we cooked a nutritional dinner together and then worked out

This week my goal was to exercise each morning before school and I "almost succeeded".  My alarm woke me up every morning at 5:00 except for "Lazy Thursday" and that is the morning I slept in a little longer.  So, I came very close to my goal exercising 4 out of the 5 days.  The cookies were not a good choice this week because I should have lost this week with all the exercise!

On Friday night, Michael went over to help our sister-in-law while me and the kids hung out.  We rented a movie and had a relaxing evening.

Saturday was tiring, I woke up early to clean and do laundry while Christian and Michael left for an hour drive to Louisville to play in an AAU ball tournament.  The plan was that I was to have went to the grocery, clean house, and have Chloe and I ready for Michael's 90 year old grandmother's b-day lunch at 12:00.  WELL....things did not go as planned.  House did get cleaned but I did not go to the grocery so therefore no casserole was made.  We went to Chick-Fil-A and ordered the medium tray of nuggets (120 pieces) which went over quiet nicely at the party.

My sweet family during the party.

On Sunday Chloe and I again did not attempt the hour trip to Louisville for the games.  I decided that keeping Chloe home would work out best.  I could provide her with more of a schedule.  She has been a little on the bad side lately......

Climbed up on my make-up counter and decided she needed deodorant (while I was cleaning the kitchen). Reminder to myself to shut my bathroom door.

Also wanted to try a little lipstick. 

We may need to start potty training SOON!!  She decided to change her diaper! YES, this is exactly what you think it is!!!

Watched me clean with a toilet brush earlier so .....Chloe found our feather duster  and decided to do a little cleaning herself.  I found the duster in the toilet with lots of paper towels on the floor where she tried to clean up her puddle of water-YUCK!  Thank goodness I had cleaned it earlier.

ALL this makes for one tired girl!!

They use to think I was the  PROBLEM:-)

Anyway.....I am getting ready to start a new week and my goal for this week is GOOD, healthy eating, study time set aside with my son, work out EVERY morning, sneak a few romantic moments with my husband, do one load of laundry a day, and get all my papers graded before Friday!! Almost forgot one more important thing...... TRY to keep Chloe out of trouble!!

Have a great week and wish me luck on mine!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Special Valentine

 My Valentine night turned out to be a Valentine weekend and was not a time to COUNT calories!!!.  Michael sent me this lovely email on Thursday giving me a detailed list of our plans for Saturday night and Sunday morning.  It was very sweet (which is SO my husband).  On Friday night we were invited out with a friend of mine and two other couples to meet at Old Chicago's Pizza.  I had first declined then my sister volunteered to keep our children so at the last minute we were getting ready for our night.  We had a fun night out, eating pizza and talking with friends.  The next day I went and had my brows waxed ( a two week ritual for me) and I purchased a nice pink and black top to wear out that night with my handsome date.  I went to a 31 party and then headed home to pack.
We first went to the movies to see "Just Go With It"--Cute movie, had no idea Nicole Kidman was in the movie as well as Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler.  We then went and checked into our room and enjoyed our treat of strawberries and champagne.  We also ordered an appetizer and had a relaxing (romantic) evening while waiting on our dinner reservation at 9:30.  We walked to Dudley's and had a wonderful dinner and then met Michael's friend and girlfriend at Sky Bar (very cute upscale bar ).  Finally, we walked back to our hotel around 12:30.  The next morning we slept in, and then ate breakfast in the hotel.  We sat very close to the UK football coaching staff and a few of the players where they were also  having breakfast.  I hated for it all to end but with papers to grade and laundry to do and most importantly little faces waiting for their mama and daddy's kisses- we had to head back home.
Our room at the Hilton.

My date had champagne, strawberries, and whipped cream delivered  as soon as we checked into our room. 

Arrived early so had an appetizer to hold us over until our 9:30 dinner reservation at Dudley's.  This was the BEST  Roasted Duck Breast Quesadilla with
Fontina Cheese, Caramelized Onions, and Baby Arugula I had ever eaten.  AND....... don't forget the refreshing margarita in the background!

I had the scallops at Dudley's and they were delicious.

Finished off with Creme Brule.

My date!!  Handsome in his purple Express shirt, black sweater, and striped purple tie.
SkyBar in the top of this building offers beautiful views of downtown Lexington.

Sunday thru Thursday 5:30 till 10:00
Friday and Sat 5:30 till 11:00

Arugula, walnuts and sherry vin
Pickled shallots, cayenne oil, béarnaise ice cream
Ricotta, 12yr. balsamic, hazelnuts, carrot oil
White anchovy, cornbread croutons

House made horseradish cocktail sauce
Daily selection

Balsamic root vegetables, caramel apple puree
Port wine miso, wasabi mustard, forbidden black rice
Sweet potato latke, curried aioli, watercress

Fingerling potatoes, beets, black olives, anchovy butter
Cranberry bread pudding, local greens, spiced cider
Lump crab, asparagus, béarnaise
Pancetta mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, pomegranate bordelaise

Olive tapenade, smoked sweet peppers, house mozzarella
Green onion crepes, carrot, cabbage, tamarind glazed duck confit
Smoked slamon, potato, soft boiled egg, citrus, shaved onion, mustard seed vinaigrette
Candied garlic, herb aioli

Angel hair, chicken, vegetables, sun-dried tomato, fennel, peas, Asiago
Kale greens, herbed tomato butter, shaved parmesan
Country ham, mushrooms, peas, fresh fettuccine
Seared breast and hashed confit, butternut squash gnocchi, rainbow chard, balsamic brown butter

Brussels sprouts

Employee login | Dudley's on Short | 259 West Short Street, Suite 125 Lexington, KY 40507 | 859.252.1010

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details
Avoiding snack-bar food can be difficult when you are surrounded by people enjoying hot-dogs , pizza, and today barbecue. One thing that helped me was chewing my  favorite sugar-free gum "Extra's Key Lime Pie"!

Today we were yet again in another gym (about 40 minutes from home).  I managed to keep Chloe corralled
in the second row of the bleachers.  I had a bag of toys, snacks, and my I-phone (which is her first choice) to keep her busy and happy.  I managed to get through the first half with no minor incidents but during the second half she became BORED.  So ...I broke out the sucker, by the time she finished and the buzzer sounded, she had it on her outfit and in her hair.  During the second game the little guy next to us had pizza so I was glad there was a time-out on the floor so I could go ask the coach (my hubbie) for some cash.  As he talked with his players I had to break-up the huddle to ask for some snack-bar money ( I felt this was important enough and we were winning by 20 points or more).
Pizza for one!

Receiving lots of attention!

Now we are back in the stands and as some of you may know, I am trying to watch my calories so the pizza was a major temptation for me.  As I was placing Chloe's pacifier back into my bag I spotted the green shiny package in the corner-my Extra Key Lime Pie sugar-free gum.  This little miracle saved me from devouring the rest of my daughter's pizza and going for the man's barbecue next to me:-)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Teacher Talk Thursdays

Today is Teacher Talk Thursday over at Snyder's Stories. Today's topic is "Show and Tell".

By the way this is me at my desk at the beginning of the year when
a. everything is organized
b. floors are waxed and beautiful
c. no piled-up paper work
d. tanned and relaxed teacher
NOTE: (pictures to come of what I look like near the end of the year and what my classroom can turn into).
No seriously I am trying to become more organized -Starting with my morning routine of make-up organization---I did just buy little storage compartments for my make-up (yes, I have THAT much),.  Now if only  I could just put it BACK  after each use:-)
I just had a conversation with my hubby that I wish I could be more organized. His comment to me was focus
on your strengths and not your weaknesses. Now he tells me!!
a few
of my strengths:

I love my job!  I am at a place in my career where I  genuinely enjoying being at work-my students, my team-mate, my curriculum, my routine,even my boss (nice guy) ......I think after almost five years of teaching things are FINALLY starting to fall into place.  I try to be positive, flexible, and remind myself to breathe through times that demand more of my patience.  My students feel comfortable, safe, and know that I will be there to guide and push them to reach their fullest potential.
One of the things I am working hard at is giving more positive feedback-  (some students receive  little or no attention at home-neither positive or negative).
I want to build their confidence and show them that they can do anything with effort.
I am always trying to find new teaching methods and strategies to help guide and strengthen my teaching practices and I found a guy named Chris BIffle ( a college professor out in California). His "Whole-Brain" teaching approach
is something that I have learned so much from. I am going to try to post a YOU TUBE video because seeing is believing.
The one thing I want to share are his rules! He has five although I added one more on respect. The students practice these
six rules at the beginning of class each day. We go through rules 1-6 using gestures to act them out ( it takes very little time).
IF I hear a student talking during my lesson then I just say RULE 1 and the whole class repeats the rule quickly and loudly and
then I carry on (without having to directly say anything to the student or students talking) and the student/s just immediately stop--hard to believe I know!.
Another example is when I am at my desk and a student randomly walks up without permission. I now just say to the student
"RULE 3" (Raise your hand for permission to be on the floor). I don't have to give an explanation or get into a ten minute conversation and it does not become personal so therefore I don't hurt anyone's feelings.
 I just calmly and quietly say RULE 3 and they
just sheepishly go back to their seats. I have many things I love about this approach to teaching but that is the one thing I wanted to share.
View the video for a little more info. -if you are interested.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chloe's World

My little girl (Fall of 09')

Her first night at Salt Rock Grill on Reddington Beach.

One little princess

Stealing her brother's slush ( he is such a good kid)
Having her favorite beef-a-roni.
Dinner attire: bib and diaper:-)
This is Chloe's room.  I love her tree, I loved this peel and stick tree from
Target so much I bought another one for her play-room.

Chloe loves to go in her play-room and watch television.  

Reading a book while rocking.  Notice the tree in the background.  This peel and
stick art is my new addiction :-)

Chloe asking daddy to read her a book.