Saturday, April 30, 2011

Keeneland for the day!

What a great way to spend a Friday ( I used my one and only personal day from work to spend the day at Keeneland).

This is exactly what I needed after a long week of testing ( 4th grade took the State Test this week).  The students worked hard and I could only walk around the room and watch with anxiety:-)  It is hard to be a coach all year to these kids only pull out of the game in the championship!!  I can't be their coach but I do try to motivate them and cheer them on!  I was exhausted from all the NON-teaching this week so Michael had a wonderful idea to go to Keeneland.  

I went to buy me a dress because I had nothing to wear (just a joke--I love buying new dresses and this just gave me a reason).  It was fun choosing a dress for Keeneland ( I know it is not the Derby but people still dress up and I am one that loves to dress for the occasion).
The race track was packed so I was thankful that there were shuttles to transport us to the entrance.  I did not want to walk in the heels that I wore:-( (the only minus about my shoes-comfort).
My friend Susan came along because Michael would be talking to a few work colleagues ( she could keep me company while he was "working").
The day started off a bit chilly but turned into a beautiful day.  Michael won on a long shot which paid for our day out--YAY!!

I am such a BIG better!!  A whole $6.00 and I did win about three extra dollars on this horse!!  WHOOOEEE:-)

My big decision on what to wear came down to this ELLE dress from Kohls and my Vera Wang  shoes ( shoes were $30 marked down from $70---so excited to get such a deal!  My necklace has a hint of pink in each large glass jewel (which left a nice smiley-face tan line on my neck by the end of the day:-)
Those great shoes are being carried  on our long walk back--where was the shuttle when you needed it?

 The jockey was in a heated  conversation about the race.  I don't think his horse placed.

Michael and I had a nice, relaxing time together--what a fun day.

Susan and I chatting about our losses so far in the day.  Michael  was such a sport--making our bets before each race.
After Keeneland, we headed over to Harry's and had a few cocktails.

After our dinner at Harry's  we took Susan back home and then Michael surprised me by getting us a room at the Marriot for the evening.  The next morning we ate at one of my favorite breakfast spots  Cracker Barrel   Bob Evan's I-Hop     Waffle House !!!  I know, I know,  but it is my favorite.  Nobody can make eggs over medium in just the right amount of butter and serve me my hash-browns "smothered and covered".  I am not even counting those calories ha ha...

Love my husband and love the couple moments we have together (every couple needs that with small kids in the home), but I could not stop thinking of my babies:-)  

When we got to my mom's house, we hugged Christian,  and then we could hear Chloe  from down in the basement (she and mom had been singing Karaoke)  say "That's my daddy" and came bounding up the stairs.  Just for the record she came running to MY ARMS first:-)

Loving life


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chloe Turns 2 !!!!

This is how our day ended........  I started to read her a book and she collapsed !!

Chloe turned two this month and we decided to have her party on the weekend of flash flood warnings, hail, severe storms, and tornado warnings!  I called and cancelled the bounce house at 7 am the morning of her party---I finally realized mother nature was not backing down with her decision for RAIN and lots of it.  I worried about having it in the house, mostly because in my visions I seen kids bouncing in the giant blow-up house while all the decorations that I had carefully planned looked beautiful among the trees and outside activities that I had planned. they say the party must GO ON and it did:-)  The little kids had a great time playing and the older kids did an amazing job with keeping them entertained.  I had my son and his friend attempt to make balloon animals--they did a great job (not sure what the animals were-but still a great job).  I went to Sams Club and bought chicken salad, red-potato salad, grapes, strawberries, Hawaiian Rolls, crackers, tortilla chips, and salsa.  The appetizers were mainly for the adults.  I had popcorn on the tables for the kids and lots of sweets to satisfy them.  
I know that every mother  of a daughter says the following phrase" I can't believe she is 2, where does the time go"  SO I will not say it again.  I will say however that I am so blessed to have her in my life.  I wish everyone could see how amazing she really is----I mean when she is not so bashful or quiet.  When she is talkative, funny, holds your face in her little hands to kiss you, or 
says I want to hold you
or when she tells me her daddy's mean (for not letting her rub Popsicle on the tile floor)
or when she wants me to put every animal, person, thing on that BUS of hers-We have our own rendition to Wheels on the Bus song and we leave NO ONE behind:-)
or when she says that's my mommy and will not let anyone get around me
or when she repeats all the words from her flash-cards (from my I-phone APP)

We are so very lucky to have CHLOE in our lives and these two years have been amazing.  Happy Birthday My sweet girl!

Here are a few photos from her BIG B-DAY BASH:-)

Our little CLOWN turns 2.

Hayley trying to stick the nose on the clown. She was such a good sport
when I tried to squirt her with my flower on top of my hat:-)

Meemaw and Eli's mom (Lea) sit and watch the kids play with balloons.

Eli is trying out the clown hair as his sister Caroline is being turned around for the clown game.
These two were great helpers!!

Chloe's dress (polka-dots) matched her cake.

She had no problem blowing out these candles.

ME taking the candles out for her BIG BITE.

Leaned over (without being told) and took a bite out of the side---I love her:-)

A few kids enjoying some of the fun things on the table.

left to right (Me, Ashley, Mary Frances, and Sabrina)

Wanted me to read a book to her once every one left------she did not make it past the introduction of the Lemon Sisters.

Chloe's table pre-party

My carnival style prize shelf with cotton candy and the pop-corn boxes are actually treat bags.

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The buckets on the table had clown noses, rubber band balloons, circus eggs filled with Sixlets candy.
The rubber duckies had Chloe's name on the bottom and whoever picked one up WON cotton candy (they all won -of course)

Chloe's cake

The kids had blowers with clown faces on them and the
table was one large coloring sheet
with two tubs of crayons on the table.

These decorations would have looked so much better OUTSIDE!!

The nose-less clown that ended up with 15 noses before the party was over.

Again this banner would have been nice outside.

Gracie putting on her clown nose.

Emily Sue and Eli clowning around.

Layton got his on!

Drew was deciding on what color balloon he wanted.

Jaxon--what a sweet little clown.

My sister helping me out with Chloe during the games.

Jillian is  viewing intensely --she loved this game!

I know what a room full of rubber band balloons sound like now!!

Drew was so close.  Drew's 5-day old brother decided
to sleep through all of this--I wish I would have taken a picture of him.

As you can see from the pictures RAIN, HAIL, FLOODS, etc did not stop our party!  We had a great time and want to thank all of Chloe's friends trudging through ankle high water to be there:-)