Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chloe feeling a little under the weather.

Christian's AAU state tournament was this weekend and by the time our last game of the night was over Chloe was looking BAD!.  Chloe's cold became worse throughout the evening on Saturday.  She still managed to run out on the court at half time to cheer with two other girls  "Get Fired Up" .  Her face seemed to be like a waterfall.  Her eyes and nose were a constant drip.  On Monday she stayed with grandma but by Monday night she seemed to be getting worse and not better.  On Tuesday, when I took her to the doctor she had double ear infections and bronchitis.  So here has been our last couple of days.........

Daddy's job was to give her lots of get well kisses !! 
My little lady waiting on the doctor.  She had to have a breathing treatment
while we were there.  Her eyes looked horrible this day..

Chloe and I pulled the couch bed out and camped out for the day watching Toy Story 3.  She slept for two hours on top of my chest. I was forced to watch the rest of Toy Story because I could not reach the remotes or my book without moving her.  I enjoyed being able to hold her and her wanting me too...usually she is so independent, my little wild flower.

This is Day 2  of antibiotics.......feeling a little better.  Ice-cream is
Chloe's favorite and we have to keep the freezer stocked!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Margarita on the Rocks NO .....RED WINE please

Saturday  I had a night of wonderful company, great food, fashionable shoes ( that I adore), and a BAD movie.  Susan (close friend) and I made plans to get tickets to Comedy off Broadway before our dinner at Regatta's Seafood. To make a long story short, the comedy show was SOLD OUT and Regatta's had a 50 minute wait. SO our plans changed to dinner at Tony Roma's and then a movie.
We started off at the bar (due to a thirty minute wait) and when the bar tender asked for my order I asked for a Margarita on the Rocks--YUM and then Susan asked for Red Wine.  I am so glad she did this because I realized that the Margarita I was so anxiously waiting for would just undermine all the hard work towards my weight loss this week.  I interrupted the bar tender and CHANGED my order to the red wine that Susan was having.  I am SO making progress:-)
The next part of our night consisted of a wonderful appetizer and a delicious dinner.
My shrimp salad for the appetizer in a cocktail glass!  Very good!
The movie that I suggested was HALL Pass, which had Owen Wilson and I assumed would be funny and light for the evening.  The movie was Capitol H- Horrible.  The jokes were not funny and the provocative language and visuals were not what I was expecting.  I felt dirty after leaving the theater.  I just wish we could have gotten our money back.
My Mahi Mahi and roasted vegetables.
The shoes that I wore with the outfit below.  
My wardrobe for my Regatta Seafood Tony Roma's, Comedy Off Broadway  movie night out with Susan.
I have started logging clothes!!  So this is why I posted pictures of my outfit. I will explain on another blog but it has become my next new obsession.  It is yet another app---this one helps log your clothes so that you don't have to go rummaging through your closet thinking you have nothing to wear!!  I think this may me my finale demise:-)  Have a great Monday night-going to bed!