Sunday, November 25, 2012

Halloween 2012

We have been going to the Horse Park Campgrounds now for about three years for their Halloween festivities.  I think we have stayed in a different camper each year.  We go on the haunted trail, trick or treat camper to camper, participate in the pumpkin rolling contests and the list goes on and on.  It is great fun for the kids so even though it is a lot of work to get everything together, it is definitely worth the effort for all those cute smiles and belly laughter we hear while we are there.
This year on our Halloween adventure, Michael was in Australia so it was me and the kids.  Rhonda and her crew also joined us.  Dad had put up another camper on another site just for her and her family so it was nice to have ALMOST everyone there this year.

Christian and his friends entered the Halloween Costume Contest and took first, second, and third place---how odd is that!  Chloe decided to sit in the bleachers and watch with me.  Besides ,someone was already sporting her strawberry look AND I didn't want Chloe to take her thunder--Chloe was the best strawberry that night and we did not need a medal to prove it::-)

Our Halloween adventure starts the weekend before Halloween and then on Halloween we join others in our neigborhood trick or treating.  I always cook chili or spaghetti for anyone who stop in after for a quick meal.  We then head downtown for the Thriller dance on Main Street--Love that they shut down an entire street so Zombies can dance :-)

Horse Park Trick or Treat.

Jillian, Jaxon, and Laurel looking quiet grand.

Suited up and ready for  some CANDY. Christian, Peyton, Michael, Berk,
Malachi, Emily Sue, and last but not least Chloe Beth.

Dad and I passing our candy on Halloween night.

At Garth's Halloween Carnival-with the spooky story teller (Shoup)

Chloe at dance class dressed in her Strawberry Costume-What a Cutie!

Chloe did not like the zombies this year!

The boys down-town after the Thriller Dance!

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