Friday, November 23, 2012

Celebrating Christian's Birthday

Christian started a birthday tradition a few years ago where he forgoes a big party for just a few friends  joining him on one day of adventure.  This year, May 26th was no different, however I think he took on more than he could handle this year when he chose Paint Ball in 100 degree weather.  He survived with a few unsightly bruises ( I was shocked).  He had a great time and I think Michael had just as much fun.  I think they would both agree to wait for cooler weather

Hanging out with his friends the day of the big Paint Ball War.

Gearing up before their big day.

These three ate a hearty breakfast at IHOP. 

Let the Games BEGIN!

Happy Birthday Christian!  Hope you had a wonderful day with your friends.  You turned 12 and next year will be a milestone birthday when you become a teenager.  I love you more that you will ever know.  You have made a very proud mother out of me.  Love, Love Love you my dear sweet boy!

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