Sunday, November 25, 2012

Uncorked - 2nd Annual

Last year Michael had been out of the country for a week.  He flew into Miami as the last leg of his trip.  We decided that I would fly down and meet him in Clearwater for a nice relaxing couples weekend.  While we were there we happened upon an event on the beach--UNCORKED!  For $50 dollars a person, you would attend a wine event under big white tents ON THE BEACH.   The very best restaurants served up some of their favorite entrees, desserts, and drinks.  So for 4 hours we ate, drank, and enjoyed the wonderful scenery! 
When we found out that this would be an annual event we started making plans for this years event.  We asked if Rhonda and Logan wanted to join us in our weekend event in November and so the four of us boarded a flight and headed south!  What a great weekend!
Inflatable couches---nothing better under the sun:-)

Rhonda and I waiting for Crabby Bill's to open for brunch.

Stomping grapes-this year's grapes were green. 
Last year I made a t-shirt with purple foot prints.

Rolling the green paint on my feet to make the shirt.

First in line! We have our wine glasses and we are ready!

Rhonda and Logan enjoying thier day.

Post Corner's Pizza was our first stop for eating
when we got into Clearwater on Friday.

The tent that housed all the vendors.

Michael having a cigar hand rolled for him.

His dream car--A Bentley

Talking a little buisness.

Doing what I do best.....Sampling

Talking about the tasty Sangrias from The Oyster Catcher restaurant/s vendor ( from Tampa).

What a fun time! 

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